Bali Dream Villas

“A Genuinely Dreamy Bali Experience.”

Rich Balinese culture, it’s climate and people inspired us to create Bali Dream Villas, the very best of professional Balinese rental accommodation for couples, families or groups.

Bali regular as well as first-­time visitors, book their accommodation with us – often by recommendation. As an ideal holiday destination spoilt by choices of accommodations. With the little extra touches, attention to detail and superior services differentiates Bali Dream Villas from the rest.

Promises of tranquility, luxury and professionalism awaits.

Our Properties

Villa Kedidi and Villa Kakatua, Bali Dream Villas are located just beyond the ancient village of Canggu on the west coast of Bali. tropical gardens. ultimate privacy within the tropical garden, a tasteful mix of traditional and modern features and an on-site team of 15 experienced staff cater to your every needs within the tight security within the compound.

Both Villas Kedidi and Kakatua can be rented individually or as a whole for larger groups of guests and ensuring safe accommodations for infants and children; each villa includes a full range of baby/child equipment and a safety fence for the pool areas.

Explore and be enticed by our website! Find out more about the villas, their location and booking procedure. Experience what is seen at – authenticity, luxurious and safe for your most unforgettable holiday in beautiful Bali!

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